services: Website Creation

Website design and creation

All Data Group websites are custom designed to reflect your organization, with simple and clear navigation, a pleasing design, and will load quickly.

Initial content creation

Datagroup can help you with initial content creation, including writing, images, audio and video.

“Done-for-you” hosting

When Data Group creates your website, we also offer to manage your website hosting. We use one of the most reliable web hosting companies in the world, with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%, and we provide constant uptime monitoring.

Blog Writing

Data Group can provide blog writing that minimizes the time commitment by the client, while providing an ongoing stream of valuable content.

Browser compatibility testing

Browser compatibility is still a complex issue for web developers, because different browsers (and operating systems) render fonts and images in different ways.


Data Group teaches our clients how to use their website, email newsletter system, YouTube channel, Facebook pages, and more, either on-site, or with video tutorials, or using screen share programs.

Self-service online presence

Data Group strongly believes in empowering our clients with the ability to generate their own content without having to call a webmaster…