Senova Systems’ Advanced Website Design

Portfolio URL: http://senovasystems.com

Senova Systems websiteIn late 2011, Senova Systems of Sunnyvale, CA secured second-round venture funding to enable the company to bring its scientific instruments to market. Their static website, which had not been updated in over 2 years, was in need of a serious makeover. After careful consideration and comparison, Senova Systems chose Data Group to take its internet marketing to the next level.  Requirements included creating a website that all designated company personnel could access in order to add and edit content.  This was especially important to Senova Systems since much of the content is highly technical and specialized, and they did not want to constantly work through a webmaster to update content.

Also, Senova Systems wanted to survey its potential customers in order to determine the most effective messaging when the product came out, so being able to design and implement an online survey was very important.

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