Internet Marketing: Take It to the Next Level

Let’s say you own a local business or a small but rapidly growing company, and you’ve been struggling with how to improve your marketing, including your online marketing.  Your website, if it exists at all, may be fairly stagnant, and many of your previous marketing programs, especially print advertising, just aren’t pulling anymore.  You know you need to improve, but where do you start?  You’ve got your website, but you’ve been hearing that FaceBook is important, and YouTube, and Twitter, and LinkedIn, and blogs, and pay-per-click ads, and mobile, and and and – it never ends.

It’s time to take it to the next level with Data Group. We will custom design and create your website, from a fairly simple site up to and including a store linked to your accounting and logistics systems, and a lead generation systems linked to your CRM.  We will also host your website and your email marketing systems, so you don’t have to worry about that.  You will have control over entering and editing content, and we can help you with integrating all other aspects of your marketing programs so you have a smooth, effective marketing machine.  Best of all, when we take on a client, we move FAST.  In today’s world, we know speed is your friend and we’re prepared to deliver results – now.

Lead Generation means More Business

If you are like most organizations, you want more business.  We operate with the philosophy that your internet marketing should excel at generating leads, and converting those leads into sales.  It still surprises us how many websites or Facebook pages we visit where the subject is interesting to us, but they don’t ask us for our contact information.  We won’t let you make that mistake.  We will brainstorm with you about the best way to convert your online visitors to prospects, and then turn those prospects into paying customers.

Comprehensive Internet Marketing Solutions

Many specialists can help you with a specific aspect of building an internet presence: graphic designers, writers, website developers, social marketers, and so on. But often, if you contract for these services, they will provide what they do well and leave it up to you to integrate the pieces.

At Data Group, we take the “done-for-you” approach. We will come up with a strategic internet marketing plan for your organization, build a fully functioning website and email marketing system, and host them all.  Then, we’ll work with you to build your presence with Press Releases, videos, Facebook pages, articles, blog posts, social commenting, online ad campaigns, and more.

Internet Marketing Content in Your Control

Our clients know their businesses well, and understand the messages they want to communicate to their existing and prospective customers.  We develop internet marketing systems that enable our clients to create, edit, and control all aspects of their content, so they are not forced to pay additional fees to add content to their internet presence.  We set the systems up to give our clients access to their online assets in a simplified straightforward way, such as blog posting, testimonials, portfolio items, and videos.

Speed is Your Friend

In today’s rapidly changing environment, speed is of the essence.  We only take on select clients, so when our clients are ready to move, we get the job done fast.  We have a collaborative project management system that keeps us in tight communications with our clients, and we provide customized training on all systems that the client will be using, including the website, email list management, Google Places, video channels, and so on.